cols1Circle of Light and Shadow (COLS), is an eclectic Wiccan coven focused on creating and manifesting positive, personal and global transformation, through study, practice, magic, ritual and a strong connection with divinity, through many pantheons. COLS was founded in 2013 out of a Wiccan study group that had been meeting together since around 2000. COLS operates under a traditional hierarchical coven structure under the direction and leadership of the HPS. All members are initiated 1st degree Wiccan Priests or Priestesses or greater. We adhere to the Wiccan Rede “An it harm none, do as ye will.”

COLS offers 1st degree training every 3 years, in our 18 month Wiccan Fundamentals course. 2nd degree training is an ongoing process for 1st degree initiates seeking advancement. A 2nd degree demonstrates a higher level of skill in all areas than the 1st degree, the development of a specialization and the ability to lead and manage all details and aspects of public ritual. A 3rd degree demonstrates all of the foregoing demonstrated over time, at least 5 years, strong connection and service to the wider pagan community, and the desire to dedicate one’s life to the Wiccan path and the teaching of Wicca and witchcraft.

COLS’ covenstead operates from a private residence owned by our current HPS in Brighton Colorado. There is dedicated ritual space in the basement temple and numerous outside ritual spaces in the 2 acre gardens of the residence. We enjoy sharing this magical space with others during our open Sabbats and bonfire ceremonies.

COLS’ current members come from the surrounding Denver-Metro area. We are blessed to have a wide range of interests, talents, and skills among our members, who are all on their own individual path, working toward their own advancement of skill within the coven structure.

cols2Circle of Light and Shadow honors the Old Gods in it’s practices, study and ritual. Because we are an “ecclectic” Wiccan coven, we do not limit ourselves to the four primary pantheons studied by the Gardnerians. We enjoy developing relationship with many Gods and Goddesses from may different pantheons around the world, as we find them willing and accessible to work with.

Another area of specific study for COLS is the magical Qabalah. We undertake intensive study and application of the concepts and energies within the structure of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. In any given month, some of our rituals will be specifically Wiccan and others will be specifically Qabalistic. For more insight on how we blend Qabalah with Wicca go to our Qabalistic Wicca page. (Link to page about qabalah)

We have developed deep relationships with the earth and her elementals and spirits, and we seek to live in harmony with these beings, seeking their guidance and sending energy and healing in return. We tend to be a very intellectual coven, but we always make sure we take time to commune with nature, to speak to the trees, to get our hands in the dirt, and to visit the elemental realms.

COLS places a high degree of importance on personal integrity: the witches pyramid certainly applies here. This applies not only to our spiritual work together, but also in the management of our personal lives and the maintenance of our physical bodies. Our bodies are temples of the Gods, and we strive towards healthy lifestyles according to our own needs and abilities.

cols4Our Focus:

Spiritual advancement:

  • the development of a deep and personal relationship with Deity is priority;
  • acquisition of strong, reliable, effective magickal and spell-working skills;
  • increasing knowledge of paganism and wicca
  • the development of expert ritual skills

Personal advancement:

  • our faith and practices should move our personal lives forward in all ways;
  • ritual and study should open the door for continued transformation in areas of personal weakness or struggle,

Community presence:

  • COLS provides education in Paganism, Wicca and Qabalah
  • COLS provides open Sabbats and one or two Full Moon Esbats per year, for community open circle
  • COLS is a respected working coven, and a valued community resource.

Wiccan Education:

COLS presents a regularly scheduled “Wiccan Fundamentals Course” (WF, our 1st degree course) every 3 years. This is an 18 month course. We have found it difficult to deliver what we consider to be the basics, or fundamentals, of Wiccan practice in only a year.  Thus our 1st degree initiation course, “Wiccan Fundamentals” is an in depth and rigorous undertaking. After course completion the coven takes the next 18 months off from teaching to assimilate the new members into our coven or other community covens, and to return intensive focus to our coven’s training, as presenting the WF course is a high demand on our time and energies. This course will be taught by the HPS with assistance from qualified covenmates.

From time to time, COLS offers various courses, classes and seminars on Wiccan and pagan topics.

Community Service:

COLS currently collects donations for “The Gathering Place” women’s shelter  in Denver. Donations are delivered quarterly.

Earth preservation:

Save_EarthCOLS’ covenstead is home to a large vegetable garden and herb garden. These gardens provide an opportunity for coven members to participate in working the earth and experiencing the reward and joy of harvesting.

COLS’ covenstead is also an earth sanctuary as our larger Sabbats are held outdoors in our beautiful gardens which hold numerous specific ritual spaces.

Covenmates’ personal lifestyles reflect a deep reverence for Mother earth, we practice responsible stewardship of whatever lands we may have access to and/or use, such as our own homes and properties, parks where we might gather, and businesses that we may patron;

Covenmates’ personal lifestyles and choices take into consideration the ecological impact of our actions at all times. Moderation and conservation is practiced as much as possible.

Earth magic: COLS regularly practices magick to heal the earth, focusing on current events, natural disasters, environmental disasters, acts of war etc. We work to bring balance and peace.

Other coven activities:

COLS enjoys a yearly field trip, craft days, outside workshops provided by other community members or spiritual teachers, as well as birthday and holiday celebrations.